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Advancing communication to drive change

With state-of-the art facilities and top-of-their-game faculty members, our nine undergraduate and eight graduate degree programs offer students an opportunity to explore the comprehensive and compelling world of communication.

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We are more than a School of Communication

We work for communication, critical for a better future.

Enlightened communicators in the information age

Communication, be it through direct, personal, or mediated platforms, is fundamental to human existence. Our future depends on how we communicate.

With appealing and appropriate communication, we can motivate and mobilize toward constructive social change.

Contemporary challenges mandate stronger, strategic communication practices. The School of Communication is addressing these challenges on three levels: educating the next generation of ethical and effective communicators, cultivating critical analysis of media for informed citizens, and inspiring leaders for global change.

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Fundraising Priorities

Educate the next generation of ethical and effective communicators

We prepare the next generation of communicators to be credible, creative, and collaborative.

Train students to become critical and informed citizens

Preparing effective, ethical communicators is one step in communication education. The next is training students to become literate in analyses of news, media, and data. The School of Communication will build new courses that focus on critical communication literacy.

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Inspire leaders for global change

To inspire leaders for global change, we will build programs in global and multicultural communication, accentuating diverse perspectives in journalism, popular culture, advertising, creative production, and communication scholarship.

Why our campaign matters

Shine a light on solutions

We know that effective and ethical communication can drive positive change. Today’s complex problems, from social injustice to environmental concerns, require an interdisciplinary approach that bridges practice with research. An investment in the School of Communication is an investment in imagining a better future, even in unimaginable conditions.

As an industry, we need to aim for more diverse newsrooms that amplify a community’s outcry for real change, and that focus on telling an accurate narrative.

Tre’Vaughn Howard, ’21

Featured Stories

Distraction Magazine and the Ibis Yearbook Garner Top Honors

These student media outlets were recognized nationally by the Associated Collegiate Press and College Media Association.

UMTV Wins Six BEA Awards

UMTV is the recipient of six Broadcast Education Association Student Best of Festival Awards. With students and faculty from across the country submitting media projects, this year’s competition featured more than 1,300 entries from over 250 colleges.

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