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Arts and Culture

A bright soul

Elevating arts and culture allows our University to shine ever brighter. By nurturing the talent and diversity that drive our artistic community, we can contribute to the bold and creative landscape that makes up Miami.

Brighter arts

Creative glow

We will enrich culture by providing inventive expression, inspiring civil discourse, and cultivating critical thought, leading to a more collaborative and conscious creative community.

By the numbers

Archiving the arts

As the artistic centerpiece of Miami, the Lowe Art Museum is South Florida’s oldest comprehensive art museum. With a collection representing 5,000 years of arts and culture from every inhabited continent, it serves as a guidepost to help us better understand history and ourselves.

works of fine art reside in the Lowe Art Museum

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Arts for a vibrant culture

Our schools and units have made arts and culture a priority to allow our University to shine ever brighter in the creative community.