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Brighter Education for a Changing World

Ever stronger education

The University of Miami will be a catalyst in reimagining the student academic experience for today’s changing world—one which fosters more talent, inclusion, and student success—by nurturing learning, well-being, and a culture of belonging as imperatives in the eternal pursuit of knowledge.

Brighter education by the numbers

Ever ready students

The University of Miami’s applicant pool grows larger, more diverse, and more highly qualified with every passing year. And for the second year running, we surpassed 40,000 first-year applicants from all over the country and the world, a testament to our enduring appeal and efforts to attract the best and brightest.

total applications for the current admissions cycle

Why brighter education?

Setting the course for a new train of thought

The problems that face us in the 21st century can only be solved by the best and brightest minds. With your support, we will set the course for a new era, one informed by global perspectives that bring to light new solutions.

Brighter education updates

Who ignites brighter education?

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