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Shaping tomorrow’s leaders

The mission of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics is rooted in the belief that true athletic achievement always includes academic success and a commitment to service. We are dedicated to developing and supporting our student-athletes in their efforts to achieve personal, academic, and athletic excellence, resulting in the highest standards of achievement. With the support of our friends and alumni, we will continue cultivating tomorrow’s boldest and most dedicated champions.

Brighter champions

Bridging the divide

In an increasingly changing and challenging world, we see great opportunities for our brighter champions to participate in the global pursuit of progress and positive change through the values and lessons learned through college athletics.

Building champions for positive change

Our focus is to provide the University of Miami athletics department with the resources it needs to further strengthen the academic performance, sportsmanship, commitment to service, and personal development of our student-athletes while supporting our coaches and leaders to the highest levels. By reinforcing our connections with alumni, donors, and the University community, we also aim to celebrate the sense of pride in belonging to our ’Canes family worldwide. 

No matter the external challenges, we will continue to build champions—in the classroom, in competition, and in life.

Hurricanes by the numbers

Standing with our champions

Due to the complexities that COVID-19 has brought to intercollegiate athletics, support from donors and alumni is more critical than ever before.

Hurricane student-athletes

Fundraising Priorities

Elevate student-athlete welfare and success

With your support, the University of Miami can ensure that our student-athletes have the support they need to succeed as students, as athletes, and as future leaders.

Drive success with extraordinary experiences

State-of-the-art athletic facilities and amenities play a key role in successful recruiting, and in helping our student-athletes, coaches, and staff achieve peak performance.

Ever Brighter

Strengthen our endowment, secure our future

Our ability to attract students and top coaching talent depends in large part on visionary donors whose support builds and sustains the athletics endowment.

Why support matters

Your support sustains us

Philanthropy is the lifeblood of any Division I athletics program. Past support has allowed us to increase scholarship opportunities for student-athletes, upgrade our facilities, and deliver exceptional fan experiences.

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Support tomorrow’s leaders

To support the Department of Athletics’ mission to cultivate brighter champions and to provide the opportunity for our student-athletes to achieve at the highest levels both on and off the field, please contribute to the University of Miami’s campaign for a brighter tomorrow.

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To learn more, please contact Christopher Cohen, development, University of Miami Athletics, 305-284-4810.