Health and Wellness

Mastering health care innovation

Health and Wellness

Caring for all

Our commitment to health and wellness permeates our entire institution with the goal of understanding how to better heal complex conditions and advance preemptive care for healthier living in Miami and around the world.

Brighter health

Caring to cure

Our brighter health initiative starts with our collective research to help pioneer breakthroughs that advance the health and well-being of the whole person.

By the numbers

On the front line

UHealth⁠—the University of Miami Health System, delivers leading-edge patient care by the region’s best doctors, powered by the groundbreaking research and medical education of the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine.

physicians and scientists, representing more than 100 specialties and subspecialties

Shine with us

Your help enables us to further our health and wellness initiatives to improve the lives of all people. Your support offers us leverage to improve our facilities, expand years of research, and supply experts to fight and cure diseases.

The heart of wellness

Our schools and units are committed to putting the health and wellness of the community first for a healthier future.