Elevate student-athlete welfare and success

The University of Miami is committed to ensuring that our student-athletes have the resources and support they need to compete and succeed academically and athletically, both during their time at the University and after graduation.

We strive to provide a world-class experience for our student-athletes to prepare them for success both as students and long after graduation. In order to achieve both of these objectives, critical resources are needed to maximize athletic performance, provide the best in health and wellness, nurture academic growth, and provide important career development and leadership skills.


Support tomorrow’s leaders

To support the Department of Athletics’ mission to cultivate brighter champions and to provide the opportunity for our student-athletes to achieve at the highest levels both on and off the field, please contribute to the University of Miami’s campaign for a brighter tomorrow.

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To learn more, please contact Christopher Cohen, development, University of Miami Athletics, 305-284-4810.