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With the combined strength of more than 300 cancer experts and scientists, a series of bold research initiatives will elevate Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center’s role as a global leader in cancer studies and patient care.

Sylvester plans to build on the most innovative initiatives currently underway in its three established multidisciplinary research programs—cancer epigenetics, cancer control, and tumor biology—to radically improve early cancer detection, prevention, and treatment options for several types of cancer. We also are launching an experimental therapeutics program that will be dedicated to bringing more effective and individualized therapies to patients in South Florida. Our unique location, as the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean, provides us the opportunity to address cancer disparities on a large scale, which is one of our main priorities. Sylvester has formed many international clinical and research collaborations and draws patients from 84 countries around the world. With your help, we will continue to expand our global impact in our relentless pursuit of a cure.


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To support Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center’s goal to realize brighter health for a cancer-free world, please contribute to the University of Miami’s campaign for a brighter tomorrow.

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