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Significant health disparities, social unrest, a warming climate, and a year marked by devastating losses from COVID-19 have created unprecedented challenges for the health leaders of tomorrow. In response, we are training our aspiring physicians to go beyond the parameters of a traditional medical education. Support for the campaign will help us prepare our graduates to combat the burden of climate change on health—such as preventing injuries caused by extreme weather changes—evaluate the social determinants of a patient’s health when providing treatment and demonstrate a fluent understanding of the business of medicine. Donor support will also provide new scholarships to attract and retain the best and brightest students—including those from underrepresented communities—and provide funding for NextGenMD, the Miller School’s innovative new curriculum that will position our graduates to excel as caregivers and health care leaders.

Fundraising priorities:

  • Construct a new center for medical education, a world-class facility that will provide an extraordinary setting for collaborative learning.
  • Continue to enhance NextGenMD, the Miller School’s dynamic new curriculum that prepares future physicians to become transformative leaders who are not only brilliant caregivers but also are prepared to shape the future of medicine.
  • Generous scholarships will give aspiring physicians the freedom to focus intently on their studies and career path, with the eventual goal of establishing an endowment that ensures a debt-free education for every medical student—enabling us to attract, train, and retain students and residents of the highest caliber.

Featured News

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Scholars Thank Donors for Scholarships and Opportunity

For the first time in three years, the Miller School of Medicine hosted an in-person celebration recently to provide a way for scholarship recipients to say “thank you” to the alumni and major donors responsible for their medical scholarships. Over brunch, students were able to share with their donors how their studies are going and how financial support has eased one of the most challenging obstacles to affording medical school.


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