Strengthen our external partnerships and alumni engagement

The College of Engineering seeks to play a major role in the ongoing globalization of engineering research and education. We plan to create an international alliance that will facilitate a network through which the college can develop new ideas and mentor future leaders from a diversity of backgrounds.

We also seek to strengthen and expand our collaborations across the University and South Florida to pave the way for industry and start-up company support for our student capstone projects. We aspire to support the Florida Intercollegiate Competition on Technological Innovation, hosted by the college at eMerge Americas. To provide the College of Engineering with a platform for continuous interaction with our broader community of alumni and friends, we will create the Edison Engineering Society at the University of Miami. This group will help foster collaboration with the community, as well as connect to various programs of the College of Engineering.


Build with us

To support the College of Engineering’s goal to realize brighter solutions for a more sustainable and resilient world, please contribute to the University of Miami’s campaign for a brighter tomorrow.

Give now

To learn more, please contact Connor J. Adams, development, College of Engineering, 305-481-4047.