Inspiration. Transformation. Illumination.

New light on the horizon

The University of Miami is dedicated to the pursuit of positive change through the transformative power of people and ideas. With so many critical challenges on the horizon, we are embarking on an ambitious journey that we call Ever Brighter. This is our moment to shine, to take bold action, to change our world.

Ever brighter. Ever forward.

As we look toward our future, we aspire to be an even greater force for good. We invite you to join us as we elevate our commitment to excellence, ignite progress, and advance the pursuit of truth.

Brighter Future for Our Planet

Brighter Science for Bigger Discoveries

Brighter Education for a Changing World

Brighter Outcomes for Health and Wellness

Brighter Arts for More Vibrant Culture

Brighter Lights for Leaders and Champions

Brighter Opportunities for All

Help us reach our campaign goals

$ Billion Brighter


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Lighting the Way

Campaign Leadership

Meet the visionary leaders—alumni, parents, and friends of the U—whose passion for our mission and belief in the power of philanthropy to transform lives are illuminating our path forward.

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Brighter Stories